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Weblio英和対訳辞書の索引「M」28ページ目。例えば、make a cat's‐paw of、make a cat's‐paw of sb、make a certain amount of money、make a challenge、make a. "Cat's paw" is an allusive idiom which is from Aesop's Fables. Since it's now recognized as a fixed phrase, it is not necessary to give the source in translation. Even if we do give the source, it will make the translation long and dull. “Cat’s paw” from Aesop’s Fables tells a story that a cat is seduced by a monkey to get a chestnut from fire but to no avail and gets burned. Later it refers to a person who is used or fooled by others. The idiom “meet one’s 贡献于. cat's cradle cat scratch fever cat's eye catshit cat's meat cat's meow cat's pajamas, the cat's pyjamas cat's paw cat's-tail cat state catsuit cat's whisker cat's whiskers cat that ate the canary, cat that swallowed the canary cattish. English to Chinese dictionary with Mandarin pinyin - learn Chinese faster with MDBG! maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune.

政治ゴロを解説文に含む見出し語の検索結果です。この記事には独自研究が含まれているおそれがあります。問題箇所を検証し出典を追加して、記事の改善にご協力ください。議論はノートを参照してください。(2010年1月)中岡 要(なかおか かなめ、選挙時の通. Cat's paw also can be write cat's-paw or cats paw. Literally meaning is "猫爪", ChuDian 17th century French famous fable, sealing the writer and Dan "the monkey and the cat". 10 About the cunning trick monkey mind simple cat.

火中取栗 簡拼: hzql 拼音: huǒ zhōng qǔ lì 反義詞: 坐享其成 同義詞: 代人受過、為人作嫁 英語翻譯: be a cat's paw 用法: 用來比喻被人利用;冒了風險卻沒有得到好處。一般作謂語、定語。 解釋: 偷取爐火里烤熟的. (7)All right,I blame myself. But it is the time. They were playing cat’s paw with us. 得了,都怪我自己,可是我再也不干了,他们在戏弄我们。、 7 Similarly, in sentence (7), if we translate this idiom “playing cat’s paw with. 一只猴子一只狗还有火的成语是火中取栗,狗听猴子的话去火中拿栗子。拼音:[ huǒ zhōng qǔ lì ] 释义:比喻冒危险给别人出力,自己却上了大当,一无所得。出处:故事见十七世纪法国寓言诗人拉·封登的寓言《猴子与猫》。. Cat's paw knot Weblioのさくいんはプログラムで自動的に生成されているため、一部不適切なさくいんの配置が含まれていることもあります。 ご了承くださいませ。.

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